Phoenix Film Project

Film Cutout (above)

contakt Diane for full film version:  Tel./ WhatsApp +491522768210

The Facinating Story Of The Film

I am creating a film about the corona crisis and the big fire catastrophe in Javea – Spain. The amazing stories the fire created and how we can transfer the uplifting messages to our current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. For you, a great chance to make an exceptional, effective contribution in form of an advert, that will be viewed and appreciated by the future customers of the sponsor of this wonderful project. >>>more story

Journalist’s Support

Many journalists wrote about this ambitionate film project and will support it, when it found a sponsor.

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Your Chance To Address 100.000 Of Your Future Customers

The film will be released in social media and have hundred  thousands of views. It is also a chance for a business to sponsor this video and benefit from a unique and effective advertising opportunity.

If you empathize with this trailer and want to support us, that we can make this film, please like and share it. Or contact: Diane: +4915227682210 /

Why I think with my marketing strategy it is realistic to reach more than 100.000 people with this video. All of them have a connection with this area. >>>more maketing strategy

Sponsor’s Benefits: Attention – Universal Understanding – Multifunctional Marketing…

By being perceived in combination with this video – people will  remember your business, because this film is so unique. The content of this video is relevant for them and it addresses emotions.

It can be understood by everyone (only pictures and music).It is thereby also multifunctional and can be used for nearly everything you do in marketing. >>>more benefits


By telling people something good about you – for instance of your sustainability and business ethics your presence as a sponsor be a real benefit for your company.

If you understand this great chance of unique advertising – just call / WhatsApp or email me: Diane: +4915227682210 /

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About Miguel And Me

It might be of interest for you to know a little bit of who we are. So you have a whole picture of the film project. Let me introduce us:

I have qualifications and work experience in film AND marketing:

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