Sponsor’s and Communitie’s Benefits

Let me explain the reasons why I think the sponsorship of this video might be of interest and benefit:

  • Everybody who wants to sell something – whether products or services – tries to be different and outstanding, so that people remember the company. By their company building, their car, the way they dress and their advertisements… By being perceived in combination with this video – people WILL remember your business, because this film is so unique. The content of this video is relevant, because they all experienced the fire and have stories connected with it. Emotions, personal experiences, and stories are factors that create lasting memories. Because of this, your company will get attention and stick in the mind of your potential customers.
  • To address many people with your marketing in this area you might have a language problem. There are the Dutch, but also the English, Germans, Russians even Chinese. So every marketing tool: prospects, website, mailings, everything should have a confusing menu of all the different many languages…This film works with pictures and music and it is understandable by everyone – no matter what language he or she speaks. It is an universal language.
  • It is thereby also multifunctional and can be used for nearly everything you do in marketing. It will be upgrading the efforts you are already making: You could ad it to nearly all of your marketing tools: Website, Facebook, exhibitions etc.
  • And they will associate you with an uplifting, positive feeling. The touching emotions and the positive mood will also transfer to your company image in public. And you know by experience or selling seminars, that it’s not arguments, but mood that sells.
  • You also do something good in supporting the great artist Miguel Garcia with your sponsorship.
  • For your community during and after the corona crises you might really bring at least for the moment of watching – maybe and hopefully in their mind for even much longer: Fearlessness, courage and confidence.

If you empathize with this trailer and want to support us, that we can make this film, please like and share it. Or contact: Diane: +4915227682210 / dg@1minute-pr.de.

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