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Your Chance to Address Your Future Customers

(VIRAL distribution)

I think if we create this video and tell the story, it will be seen by everyone in the international community. It will be forwarded and liked by tens of thousands of people.

This video has a great potential to multiply itself by viral effect. It will be seen, liked and positively recognized by recommendations via social media by the whole community here in Javea and even further – to all the relatives, friends and network of the people living here.

Because it is their story – because it is so nice to share something good, uplifting and even interesting. People also love to know, that they not live in isolation (maybe an impression you get, when living a day to day life). There are people, neighbors out there, that care about you – there is a community feeling and they care they experienced, during this catastrophe. And it is important to remind people if this.

(PUSH Distribution)

I will interest local radio, newspapers, TV and online journalists to publish it or write about it, speak to local institutions (town / halls adjuntamento, firefighters, schools, etc.) and I think they are willing to ad the video to their aps , websites, newsletters, tourist centers, etc. And maybe most important – push postings in every social media that are relevant. I am sure that the community manager of Javea connect will support and push the video and Javea connect alone has over 20,000 active members…

I think it is realistic to reach more than 100,000 people with this video. All of them have a connection with this area.

If you understand this great chance of unique advertising – just call / WhatsApp or email me: Diane: +4915227682210 /

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